iPhone 15 Pro Heating Issues – What’s Exactly Happening!

The Company is yet to share an official Announcement on iPhone 15 Pro Heating Issues

It’s not just the early adopters; many famous tech reviews also confirmed iPhone 15 heating issues. Mohit Verma shared a video on social media where he mentioned that his phone touched 42°C (107°F) with just 2 minutes of a FaceTime call. Similarly, when he browsed Instagram for a few minutes, the phone again got hot.

iPhone 15 Pro Heating Issues The Good News!

There is good news for iPhone 15 and Pro Max owners. The 42°C (107°F) is still the safe heating zone for using an iPhone. However, it does become uncomfortable to hold the iPhone. Especially if you aren’t using an iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro, or iPhone 15 Pro max case.

iPhone 15 Pro Heating Issues – What the History Says?

Well, heating and performance-related issues on new iPhone series models isn’t something new. Even in the past, many users and tech reviewers have raised such concerns. Such heating issues and bugs are also reported when Apple releases a new Software update. Hopefully, experts at Apple will bounce back with a solid software update to rectify these heating issues.

iPhone 15 Pro Heating Issues – Some Possible Solutions

Enough of the rant; now let us explore some possible fixes to these heating issues. Here are a few of them!

1: Restrict Instagram Usage

You might be surprised, but users reported that the frequent usage of Instagram on new iPhone models significantly raised the device temperature. If you watch reels continuously for hours, the batter might drain under 6 hours. Similarly, continued usage of Instagram also affects the iPhone 15’s overall performance.

Unless we get a software update from Apple, it’s better to restrict the usage of the Instagram application. 

2: Avoid Newly Advertised Fast Charging 

Though iPhone models support super-fast charging, but this could also be the reason behind the shocking temperature rise. So, experts recommend sticking with standard Apple adapters to ensure cooler temperatures. This is not ideally the best fix. However, it’s something that iPhone 15 owners have to rely on until we get something to hear from Apple.

3: Turn of the Bluetooth

Turning on the Bluetooth for too long on your new iPhone can also cause heating issues. Unless it’s in use, it’s better to turn it off!

4: Avoid Heavy Multitasking

Apple’s all new A17 chip is way powerful that the competition. Currently, it is not being well supported by the Apple’s latest iOS 17. So, it is better to avoid heady multitasking for now.

5: Wait for An Official Hearing

Last but not least, fans and iPhone owners will have to wait for an official heating from Apple. The company seems to be working behind the doors to rectify this issue. So, the company is expected to announce something in favor of iPhone 15 owners.

We won’t recommend you to return your iPhone 15 as of now. It is a much-improved version of the iPhone. This heating issue is just a glitch and will be addressed very soon by the company. In the end, it’s your decision.

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